The root function has the form y=√х, where х ≥ 0.
The graph of the root is a branch of the parabola, located in I of the fourth coordinate plane.

The graph starts at the point (0;0), reversing the branch to the right.
The construction of the root graph is similar to the construction of the graph of the square function.

Example root function graph:

y=√х y=sqrt(x)

  • y=-√х y=-sqrt(x) the reflection of the graph on the x-axis, the branch is directed downwards

  • y=2+√х 2+sqrt(x) graph offset by 2 units on the Y axis

  • y=√(х+2) sqrt(x+2) graph offset by 2 units on the x-axis

  • y=√2х sqrt(2x) the graph approaches the Y axis and is «compressed»

  • y=2√х 2sqrt(x) the graph is removed from the Y axis and is «stretched»

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