Trigonometric functions are elementary functions. They have inherent periodicity, that is, repeatability on certain segments of the coordinate plane. The period is denoted by the letter T.

Trigonometric functions include:

function of sine: y = sin(x), the graph of which is sine wave

  • the cosine function y = cos(x), the graph of which is a cosinusoid

  • function of the tangent y = tg(x), for graph y=tan(x) the graph of which is the tangensoid

  • the function of cotangent y = ctg(x) for graph y=cot(x) whose graph is the cotangensoid.

All graphics are built with our graphical calculator

Sinus and cosine graphs are curved lines along the X axis.

Tangent and cotangent graphs are many curved lines along the Y axis.

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Example trigonometry function graph: